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Selma Lent Menu

Selma Lent Menu

We will be closed Sunday April 21st in Observance of the Easter HolidayWe accept all Major Credit Cards

Local Delivery Available for an Additional Charge

2163 Park Street

BASA FILET DINNER – Pan seared in butter and garlic sauce, or battered and grilled in chipotle. Served with Rice and Beans

BASA FILET SALAD – Romaine lettuce tossed with tomatoes, black beans, cucumbers, and corn. Topped with fish filet pan seared in butter, avocados and a side of Cilantro dressing

**SAL’S TRADITIONAL LENT DINNER – Lentils, havas, two shrimp patties, nopales, your choice of Tortillas served with capirotada

Dinner is only served Ash Wednesday and Fridays only until Easter

**CAPIROTADA ALA CARTE…. (While supplies last)      **Ash Wednesday and Fridays only until Easter**

Side Orders:

Lentil Beans
1 Shrimp Patty